Is A Webcam Good For Home Security?

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of home security experts and security bloggers recommending that webcams are good for home security. If you’ve been paying attention and listening to these so-called security experts, you would think the webcam is the greatest invention in home security since the Pilgrims started putting locks on their doors.

Heck, even the number 1 seller on amazon under security and surveillance is a webcam, the DropCam Pro. If you search that category a little further, you will see that most of the top sellers for home security are all webcams!

4 Reasons a Webcam is a Bad Idea for Your Home Security

1. A Webcam Takes DIY Home Security Too Far


Look, I get that people want to save money but a webcam for home security, just doesn’t cut it. A webcam is great for video chatting with your Aunt Mary in Michigan or keeping an eye on your baby in the next room, but relying on a webcam to keep your home safe from thieves, is risky at best.

There is such a thing as taking DIY home security too far and this falls into the category of home security blunders. Trying to protect your home by using equipment that is not intended for home security is like installing a deadbolt lock on a screen door. You might feel safe, but are you really?

2. Your Webcam Can Be Hacked

What people don’t realize, however, is that while using a webcam to keep an eye on your home works in theory, it is still a very feeble method of securing your home. For one thing, a webcam is easy for anyone with modest technical abilities to hack into.

If a thief or intruder wants to target your home, with just a few clicks of a mouse, he can disable your webcam or hack into your computer and see what is going on in your home. He can also use your webcam to survey your home and see what nice goodies you have laying around for him to steal.

3. A Burglar or Intruder Is Not Afraid Of Your Webcam

What Good is a Security System that Notifies you After Someone is Already in Your Home?That’s the type of security you get with a webcam. “Hey, someone is in my home, what do I do now?” Call 911 of course and pray that he sticks around to get caught by the police.

You’ll get nice video of him stealing your stuff and maybe the police will be able to identify the perpetrator and arrest him but don’t count on it. The FBI reports that 70% of home burglaries go unsolved.

The main purpose of good home security system is letting a burglar know that your home is protected and it is not wise to challenge the security system. This is why deterrents such as a surveillance system or a professional alarm system are so effective in protecting your home before someone breaks in.

4: A Webcam Gives a Burglar Options

What will a burglar do when he realizes he is being recorded by your webcam? Considering that he is not interested in taking your webcam or laptop computer with him, he has many options to disable your nifty security device.

  • Option # 1: Once the intruder realizes he is being recorded, all he has to do is leave the room. Unless you are going to set up a webcam in multiple rooms of your house, he just has to steer clear of the room in which your webcam is set up.
  • Option # 2: Unplug the Webcam
  • Option # 3: Smash the webcam to pieces
  • Option # 4: Position it so it stares at the ceiling and not the person going through your personal belongings
  • Option # 5: Smile into the camera to let you know he is there and tell you he will be leaving before the police arrive


In addition to being a lousy deterrent and an even worse surveillance tool, a webcam isn’t likely to instill much fear in the mind of an intruder. He knows how easy it is to disable a webcam and it’s not very likely to stop his criminal activity. In reality, if a burglar encounters a webcam in your home, it’s far too easy for him to find a workaround.

Some of the most common reasons experts recommend using a webcam for home surveillance is cost. A lot of people are under the false impression that home surveillance systems are expensive but in reality, advances in technology have made them more affordable and easier for a DIY person to install.

So, skimping on something so important and using a method as unreliable as webcam surveillance just isn’t practical for your home security needs.


DVR Security System with Smartphone Access

Installation of the system is a breeze, although it is worth noting that the cameras are wired, so you will need to play around with the wiring a bit when setting it up. But, as mentioned in our home security installation article, wired cameras are more reliable and of a better quality than their wireless counterparts. Furthermore, the system comes with a cutting edge DVR that houses a 500GB hard drive, which allows you to store over a month of video footage.


The system is absolutely topnotch for the price and rivals some of the more expensive high-end surveillance systems on the market. But if that wasn’t enough, Defender offers lifetime free 24/7 live customer support that will assist you with any installation issues or any other questions you may have. We often use this surveillance system in our home security systems comparison when picking a system for clients and we never hear any complaints from them afterwards.

Home Security Systems Comparison – Which System to Use

Now, you may be wondering which system would be most effective for your home. There are several factors you need to consider when doing a home security systems comparison, one of which is whether you live in an apartment or a house. Typically, home alarms are more effective for apartments, in addition to a single security camera for maximum protection.
For houses, both security systems can be very effective. Home alarms have an advantage in that they are a direct deterrent to theft. When a notice of home alarms is prominently displayed outside your house, professional thieves are much less likely to attempt burglary. Surveillance systems on the other hand are great for monitoring locations in or around your house. While not as effective in deterring burglars as home alarm systems, they are still a great way of securing your house.


For maximum protection it is recommended to supplement either system with its counterpart. If your primary security system consists of surveillance, then installing a few alarms will compliment it nicely. Likewise, if your house is primarily armed with a home alarm system, then a couple of cameras – even dummy ones – will round off your home security well.

For more information on different kinds of security systems, take a look at our home security systems reviews. Finally, when doing a home security systems comparison, it is always worth consulting with a professional security company that will give you an accurate and qualified first advice free of charge.


Home Security Systems Comparison

In this article we will do a home security systems comparison of some of the more popular security systems currently on the market. Keep in mind that there are many other home security solutions available and to find the one that will be most the effective for your house or apartment requires a careful assessment of risk to your property. Oftentimes this can be done yourself, but sometimes calling in the help of a security company – in order to get the most accurate assessment- is advisable.

This article will primarily look at middle range surveillance systems and home alarms that are currently popular amongst home owners. If you are interested in more affordable solutions, take a look at our review of cheap home security systems article.


AAS-V700 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY – Price $400The first system in our home security systems comparison, is arguably also one of the best home alarm systems currently on the market in this price range. The system contains enough bells and whistles to secure your home against virtually any possible threat. The package includes 3 alarm horns (one outdoor and two indoor), 99 zone display wireless security system, numerous sensors, phone line anti-cut monitoring, rechargeable batteries, smoke detector, multiple keychains and a myriad of other features. Almost all of the components are wireless, making it relatively easy to install, as opposed to a wired security system.

The package does have a couple of drawbacks however. Screws are not included with the system. One tip that you may find helpful, is to buy your own double-sided sticky tape to mount the sensors, as the tape supplied in the package is rather weak. The instructions manual can at times be complicated, as the provider did a poor job at translating it to English. This would not have been a problem if the customer service was up to par, but unfortunately, the company is hard to reach by phone and it usually takes a long time for them to answer emails. While overall this system is a bargain for this price, the after sales support is lacking, so you need to be sure you can manage this system before purchasing, which is of course easier said than done.


Defender SN502-4CH-002 Feature-Rich 4-Channel H.264 DVR Security System with Smartphone Access and 4 Indoor/Outdoor Hi-Res CCD Night Vision Cameras – Price $400

This surveillance system is one of the best available on the market and features a prominent spot in this home security systems comparison. Defender offers this package with 4 or 8 cameras for larger homes. The system boasts the latest technology in camera surveillance systems, allowing you to access live video footage directly from your smart phone.




Home Security System Reviews

What is the Best Security System & How Much Should you Spend?

Unfortunately, the number of criminal offenses is on the rise in most parts of the world. It is naive to think that only people who live in urban areas can be victims of burglaries and that they are the only ones that need to spend time reading home security reviews in order to find the best security system for their home. Country people and those who live in suburbs must take some measures to secure the safety of their home too. According to some statistics there are more than 50 million burglaries in the world each year and about 5% of them happened in America. Rarely any of these burglaries end without damage and financial loses. In addition, in many cases the personal safety of homeowners and residents is in danger too. There are many violent burglaries that resulted in injuries or even fatalities. Many experts agree that the situation will not become better in the near in the future because even though the financial crisis is over the recovery is very slow. The rapid rise in unemployment is another reason that contributes to the increased crime rate.

wireless home security systems

Making sure that your house or apartment is adequately secured is crucial to protecting yourself, your family and your belongings. High-quality bolts and bars, advanced sensors and well-positioned external and internal lighting can significantly reduce the chances of burglary. Unfortunately, a burglar that has some experience can break almost any lock in a matter of minutes. That’s why; security specialists recommend purchasing and installing a modern home security system.  Alarm-Reviews advises using a system that can be monitored and handled by a security company. If you want to get a reliable security system that will match your requirements ideally, take some time to read security system reviews.

It is a well known fact that the vast majority of criminals will choose a home that doesn’t come with any security system and pass the homes that look secured. It is very important to understand that there are literally dozens of options in the market and many home security systems come with different prices and features. If you want to learn more about these things, you can always rely on home security reviews.

Generally speaking, a reliable security system is a system that is not difficult to use. There is no logic in buying a system that you can’t handle. It is not a wise idea to purchase a system that you can’t turn off or on without assistance. Both wireless and wired security systems are good even though most people today opt for wireless option. In addition, a reliable system can be managed by almost any security company.

Before you select a security system for your home, it is the best idea to check certain things that will affect your decision. For instance, you must look at the monitoring services options, installation cost, overall cost and money-back guarantees.

Once you read a few good reviews, you should be able to select the best security system.

home security system catching burglar

Things to Consider Before Getting a Home Security System

Things to Consider Before Getting a Home Security System


Perhaps you may be wondering what the difference of a home security system and a home alarm system is. Technically, there is none. Basically, what really matters is the actual level of automation that it provides, together with the monitoring options available, as well as the actual installation process. These days, there are a lot of home security system options that are currently available for you to choose from. All of them need very careful consideration. One good way to come up with a well-informed decision is by checking on certain factors.


Things to Consider


For one, there are certain questions that you can ask to yourself first. For example, are you just renting a house, or actually own one? Do you require remote mobile access? If so, what options are you looking for? Do you need a camera? Is there a plan for you to move soon? These questions may be viewed as simple, but they can ultimately guide you in making a good choice when it comes to selecting a good home security system.


After finding the answer to the above-mentioned questions, it is now time for you to find the best option that suits your needs and preferences. Under this aspect, there are other considerations that may come to your mind. One, of course, is the cost involved. Cost usually covers the purchase of the equipment, necessary installation, as well as the monthly subscription for monitoring expenses.


Also, you may want to consider the installation procedure and requirements. While there are certain simple installations that are available, especially those that can be done DIY, you may have to hire the assistance of a professional, paying by the hour in order to set things up appropriately. Otherwise, a lot of companies usually do their own installation, and then charging you as part of the entire cost.


Other Features

wireless home security systems

One thing is sure at this point. How the security system of your home is monitored is extremely important. For one thing, most companies often have a central monitoring center which is manned 24/7. Basically, there are three ways in which different monitoring channels may be set up. While cellular monitoring can turn out to be a safe option, in fact, the safest, it may also turn out to be the most expensive one. On the other hand, internet and phone line are the cheapest.


In the modern days, home automation systems have gain popularity. Keep in mind, however that you may have to pay additional in order for you to be able to control appliances, as well as the security equipment while you are out of your home. However, you are assured that you are not just giving your home the security that it deserves, but also peace of mind on your part.


Having an Alarm System Using VOIP

If you are like most people, you’ve dumped your land line and decided to go with VOIP service for your home phone service. Most will tell you that your alarm can not and will not work with VOIP unless you get a back-up radio. This is not 100% true. Granted, there are many older systems out there and some models that will not work well with VOIP, but there are many systems out there that will.

Some alarm companies may need to change the programming format to get the alarm signals to report correctly. This may require a service call, which may mean you may need to pay for a technician to come out and do this. So all the money you may be saving by switching to VOIP may go down the drain with one service call.


It’s not the alarm company’s fault though. This is needed to keep monitoring your alarm. If for some reason your alarm system can not be reprogrammed, they may quote you a price to add a radio for your alarm transmission; or they may give you a quote to update your system.

Most people that use Vonage or Comcast VOIP have had no problems with communication between their homes and their central stations. It really depends. Hopefully that will soon change with all the advancements in VOIP that are continually taking place. When you initially call your potential VOIP provider, ask them about their compatibility with alarms. Be prepared though, most of these VOIP companies will tell you to contact your alarm company for advice. However, most security alarm companies will not know the compatibility until they have experience with it.


There are many alarm companies that do advertise NO PHONE NEEDED or VOIP FRIENDLY in their ads. Each of these companies seem to have a module they add to your alarm system so that they can provide the monitoring.

So if you are wondering if you can have your home alarm monitored using your home VOIP service, the answer is…Yes. No matter what you do or what company you choose to do business with-do your research.